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Masters In International Business Program Ranking

Masters in international business administration program has become one of the courses that is most popular in the masters’ degree. More schools have started offering the degree program. Differences however have emerged  in the quality of the schools as well as the criteria to establish the quality needed to differentiate the programs. This has especially been relevant to students who are about to decide on which colleges to apply. Many schools started offering this program and therefore information from these colleges have been compiled and published in form of books.

Different methods that are of varying validity have been used to come up with the rankings of the programs. Such as, some rankings are based on the interviews with companies who have hired former students who took the masters program. There has been survey of the schools that offer these programs, polls of students and a variety of other means. Initially, the rankings included only a few universities but nowadays it is carried out on most of the universities that offer the course.

You will always find rankings being discussed on the academic websites.However, all of them must follow the set methodologies required for any ranking to be published. This methodology should be viewed with caution for the following reasons. For any ranking, there is always a limit to the population of students undertaking the program that are to be interviewed. You should always ignore majority of schools that are of excellent offerings. Some ranking methods may be subject to debate which are statistically flawed, this mostly happens when rankings rely on the subjective interview of hiring managers.

You will find a school that is well known  appearing in each of the rankings but with variations in ranks, that is, you may find a school ranked number one in one list and number twenty on another list.  Sometimes the rankings may concentrate on the school itself and this is not good because schools offer programs of different quality. You may also find the leading schools not cooperating with a certain publications due to the perception that the rankings will be misused.

Top International Business Masters Degrees

Walden University
MBA: Intl. Business
Walden University: Walden University's MBA in international business and MS in global management both give students a thorough understanding of international business and effective cross-cultural communication. Students study how global organizations operate and adapt to diverse business climates that cross cultural boundaries. Coursework also covers the challenges that arise most often for global businesses and their real-world solutions.
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Liberty University
MBA: Intl. Management
MS: Management
MS: Sports Management
MA: Human Services Mgmt
Liberty University: Students in Liberty University's MBA in International Management program take the regular MBA courses, such as accounting, communications, and business law, in addition to more specialized coursework that will prepare them to manage in global organizations. Students learn about the current issues facing international business, as well as the finer points of international market integration and trade agreements, and export management.
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Boston University
MS: International Marketing
Boston University: The MS in International Marketing from Boston University offers you an exciting, in-depth look at global economics and marketing strategies and considerations. The curriculum features an online international collaboration with other university students and professionals from across the world. Students must complete six core courses and four electives.
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Kaplan University
MBA: Intl. Business
Kaplan University: Kaplan University's MBA in International Business program teaches students how to remain competitive in a global economy through understanding finance, management, and international marketing that takes demographics and cultures into account. Students learn to manage diverse employees with insight and sensitivity which will allow them to drive projects to completion within multinational frameworks.
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Southern New Hampshire University
International MBA
MBA w/ Cert in International Business
International MBA: Quantitative Analysis
International MBA:Corp Social Responsibility
Southern New Hampshire University: Southern New Hampshire University's MBA in International Business program teaches students the theories and practices necessary to navigate today's global organizations. Students learn the skills necessary to navigate international trade, international marketing management across cultures, and international financial management in addition to the core business principles taught in the main MBA program.
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