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Emerging markets in developing countries offer some of the most lucrative and interesting business opportunities today, but there are thousands of new companies trying to take advantage of growing international markets, and most companies can’t handle the rigors of truly global commerce. Succeeding in business on the international scale takes more than a pocket dictionary and a sense of adventure. Legal tangles, cultural and language barriers, and the sheer difficulty of collaborating at a distance with partners in different time zones are just a few of the challenges international businesspeople face. To successfully start a business that operates in multiple countries, or to grow a domestic business to serve international customers, requires a great deal of research about the laws, culture, language, and economy of any country you want to work in. The sites below offer a window into the world of international business. Some of them are examples of successful businesses or blogs with advice for both newcomers and serial entrepreneurs, and some are simply expat blogs on culture and the struggles of living in another country far from home. Anyone interested in pursuing studies and a career in international business will be well served by this list of blogs, websites, and businesses covering every aspect of adaptation to an global business marketplace.


These blogs are primarily relevant to business and the surrounding cultures in Asian countries. Some are written by locals of the specified country, and some by Americans and Europeans who have relocated to Asia for business or personal reasons.

  1. Vietnam Talking Points

  2. Vietnam Economics – Vietnomics

  3. Asia Unbound

  4. China Law Blog

  5. TechRice

  6. Technode

  7. Technomic Asia: China Business Blog and Podcast

  8. Asia Business Media

  9. Fung Global Institute

  10. China Dialogue

  11. Vietnam Business News

  12. Vietnam Biz Blog

  13. Quality Control Blog – Asia Quality Focus

  14. Trak.in Blog

  15. Atanu Dey on India’s Development

  16. India Practice

  17. Japan Intercultural Consulting

  18. Korea Law Today

  19. The Korean Law Blog

  20. Seoul Sub->Urban

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    Investment in development in technology in Africa is absolutely blowing up, and with China starting more and more businesses there, the African continent looks to be one of the most competitive spaces for large business contracts in the next decade and beyond.

  1. Afrinnovator

  2. African Business Review

  3. Betumi Blog

  4. Africa Imports: African Business Blog

  5. Afrigadget

  6. Appfrica

  7. Venture Capital for Africa

  8. Africa Arguments – Business Africa

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    North & South America

    North and South America both have their industrial powerhouse countries like the U.S.A. and Brazil, but other countries on the continents have thriving industries and great business opportunities as well.

  1. Brazil Law Advisor

  2. Mexico Business Blog

  3. MexiPreneur

  4. Brazil Venture Capital and Growth Equity Blog

  5. Sunny Sky Solutions Blog

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    Expat Blogs

    You might not have to spend your whole life abroad, but if you want to succeed in global business, you need to learn how to adapt to different cultures and learn languages and local dialects quickly. The following sites don’t all concentrate on business, but they have great insight into how individuals transform themselves and their lifestyles to fit in and succeed abroad.

  1. Cheryl Howard

  2. Life in Bangkok Blog

  3. Discover Cuenca Ecuador

  4. I Eat my Pigeon

  5. Mexican at Heart

  6. Joburg Expat

  7. The Life that Broke

  8. The City I See

  9. In Search of a Life Less Ordinary

  10. My Beautiful Air

  11. Quintessentially English

  12. Mexico Retold

  13. Adventures in Expatland

  14. The American Londoner

  15. Surviving Japan

  16. Op-Expat

  17. My Mexican Lawyer

  18. Expatlogue

  19. Anywhere in the World

  20. Expat Info Desk

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    Global Entrepreneurship

    Extending an existing business into international territories is tough enough, but starting a new business from scratch on the international stage is a near-miracle. Nonetheless, people do it all the time, and reap the profits. Entrepreneurs with a taste for international biz will find plenty of useful tips in the sites listed below.

  1. Startup Nation

  2. The Globalist Blog

  3. The Global Voice

  4. Navigating Cultures Blog

  5. The International Entrepreneur

  6. Culture Crossing

  7. Global Entrepreneurship Week

  8. Youth Business Blog

  9. Three Wise Monkeys

  10. The Argentine Post

  11. Global Changemakers

  12. Roy Becker Seminars

  13. Customs and International Trade Law

  14. Global Entrepreneurship Monitor

  15. The Leadership and CSR Blog from IBLF

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    General International Business

    Some sites on international business simply defy categorization. The sites below all relate to international commerce in one way or another, some more tightly than others, but all of them are great for a quick skim or a deep read by anyone studying business.

  1. International Business Times

  2. Her Business

  3. Decoding the New Economy

  4. MuMbrella

  5. Y-Axis Australia Blog

  6. Global Copywriting

  7. Creative is Not a Department

  8. The Story of Telling

  9. Start Up Blog

  10. Moving2Plan Blog

  11. Native Stew

  12. Bahama Pundit

  13. Chronicles from a Caribbean Cubicle

  14. Caribbean Business

  15. The European Business Review

  16. European Cultural Foundation

  17. European Business Express Blog

  18. Migrentrepreneur Woman Network

  19. Respectfully Disobedient

  20. PR Warrior

  21. The Australian Small Business Blog

  22. CaribDirect

  23. Attorney Italy

  24. Corporate Culture

  25. Communicaid

  26. The Arabist

  27. Pocket Cultures

  28. Richard Lewis Communications

  29. World in Motion

  30. Love Your Small Business

  31. NZ Entrepreneur Mag

  32. GoinGlobal Blog

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