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An international business manager can be understood from a person who manages the work of others for running a business, internationally. He should apart of knowledge of international business law should be well versed with areas like sales, marketing, and public relations; research, operations analysis, data processing, mathematics, etc at international level. For a better knowledge of the field of international business one can go through following links.

  1. ICMR India: This website focuses on various areas related to business research, case study development and courseware preparation. It has developed textbooks and workbooks nearly over 40 topics of management and has one of the largest collections of case studies. It is also into production of monthly magazines and journals with in-depth study of articles on contemporary business issues.
  2. BusManagement: It is the part of GDS publishing that is into publication of industrial and business management journals for world’s most exciting business markets like Asia Pacific, CIS, China, Eastern Europe and North America. Apart from publication and websites, it is also into events related to finance, health care, IT service management, Telecoms and Oil & Gas Summit for the Asia Pacific, Africa, China, Europe, North America and Russia. In online sector we produce B2B business magazine for selected industries and areas.
  3. Goliath: It is a Gale Group online business content service that provides global companies with industry intelligence to its business executives. It provides immediate access to nearly more than three million records involving business articles, industry reports, and company profiles. It caters to a good number of business needs like starting a company, researching already existing company and getting the recent business news. It is based at Farmington Hills, Michigan and has branch offices at UK, Australia, Germany, Switzerland and Malaysia.
  4. EMESAP: It is known for producing business to business conferences, trainings and workshops on contemporary research, market trends and challenges, technological advancements and applications. It invites business practitioners to share insights, expertise and solutions to business challenges and share cutting edge information to attendees for their use and implication.
  5. KMResource: This is resource for helpful business periodical and journals as a manner to invite people to donate their intellectual capital to the company by reading from it keep on revisiting and reworking for decision making, creating a team and employee loyalty.
  6. Business.Higbeam: This website is very helpful for having private and public company profiles of small as well as big industries. It also provides in-depth studies and reports on industries from agriculture to public administration. From the website one can have credible market research statistics, trend and analysis.  More one can have credible business news and articles from trusted journals, newspapers, news wires and magazines.
  7. Business Week:  It is the global knowledge center for necessary business insight which inspires business leaders and entrepreneurs to take action and get into newer areas to venture. Through its content, context and collaboration Bloomberg Business Week helps in molding business opinion. It has 4.7 million readers each week in 140 countries.  It also has local language editions too.

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