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A wide variety of topics exist under the umbrella of “international business,” including law, social media, small business, entrepreneurship and languages (as in translation). All these topics and more (such as humor) are covered in this list of the 50 best international business blogs established since January 2009. This list is divided into blogs created in 2009 and 2010, and each blog is listed by month of creation.

Bank of EnglandInternational Business Blogs Created in 2009

  1. Anna Raccoon: If you need respite from your international business, this British blog, which believes that the reluctance of many web sites to host ironical or satirical comment on current news items is leading to a dearth of intelligent debate, can entertain you (January).
  2. Global Business Blog: A business and finance blog (January).
  3. My Private Brand: A news source for new brands, re-branding and brand failures in a variety of markets (January).
  4. The Commerce Blog: The U.S. Department of Commerce has a broad mandate to advance economic growth and jobs and opportunities for the American people (January).
  5. International Trade Blog: This iTrade blog is focused on global trade trends, tips for customers and suppliers and information on B2B success (February).
  6. Kathy Dobson: An Internet entrepreneur provides her take on international business, outsourcing and more (February).
  7. The ISN Blog: This blog is the ISN’s “water cooler,” a place to share ideas and interesting snippets on international relations, security and foreign policy (February).
  8. Business Ideas: Useful business ideas for online marketing to an international client base (March).
  9. ECIPE: The European Centre for International Political Economy presents opinions and commentary by ECIPE scholars (March).
  10. GeographyNUIM Geography’s Eye on the World: This is the news blog for the Department of Geography at the National University of Ireland Maynooth (NUIM) (March).
  11. The Suitcase Entrepreneur: The market is for women, and the talk is about creative ways to run a business from anywhere (March).
  12. New Business Dingo: Dave Currie is President of Catapult New Business, a company that works with marketing services companies and ad agencies of all sizes and capabilities to drive growth (April).
  13. Tradeology: This U.S. government blog is sponsored by the International Trade Administration (April).
  14. New Business Intel: The blog of Todd Knutson, CEO of The List, the most accurate online database of marketing and advertising decision makers in North America (May).
  15. Trade Compliance Blog: Short from automating your customs compliance for you, this blog can provide useful information, alerts for upcoming seminars and Webinars and global trade news (May).
  16. African Business News Unleashed: This online news blog brings interactive business news and commentary on Africa and other emerging markets (June).
  17. Applied Language: Translations in the real world for real businesses (June).
  18. English Trackers: An English editing and proofreading company offers their informative and entertaining blog for students and businesses (June).
  19. International Social Media: Cindy King offers ways to create international business development through social media and cross-cultural marketing (June).
  20. ChinaChina – U.S. Trade Law: Baker Hostetler represents foreign and domestic companies, associations and governments from every continent in all manner of international trade, customs and immigration (July).
  21. International Business Law Advisor: This blog focuses on international business law with an emphasis on class action and international commercial litigation, arbitration and transactions (July).
  22. People. Partners. Projects.: This is Towson University’s outreach blog that talks about business in general, including international perspectives (July).
  23. Bloggertone: This is a business blogging community where specialists can share opinions from around the globe (September).
  24. International Business Centre’s Blog: This business blog focuses on issues such as exporting, supply chains, financing and international contacts (September).
  25. The Blog of Prof. Czinkota: Professor Czinkota was a deputy assistant secretary at the Department of Commerce from 1986 to 1989and continues to specialize in marketing and international business strategy (September).
  26. Global Trade Content Blog: Management Dynamics, Inc. produces a weekly Global Trade Management Newsletter that summarizes recent changes in global trade content (October).
  27. Google Translate Blog: This is the official source for news on Google’s translation technologies (November).
  28. Inside the London MBA: This blog is for MBA applicants who want to know more about life as part of the London Business School community (November).
  29. Andrew Hargadon: Hargadon writes about entrepreneurship, technology innovation, management, and sustainability (December).

International Business Blogs Created in 2010

  1. Recife AirportAnupam Chander: Globalization and digitization through the eyes of a California law professor (January).
  2. Brazil Trade Business Group: An international spice broker and agent space for news and insights (January).
  3. Global Insights Blog: Australian Business International Trade Services is dedicated to stimulating business growth both in Australia and overseas (January).
  4. Global Reach: The U.S. Census Bureau sponsors this blog, which covers topics such as export filing, foreign trade data and regulations (January).
  5. Larsen Globalization Blog: Larsen Globalization Americas created this blog to exchange ideas around globalization and localization recruitment (January).
  6. Triple Crisis: The aim of this blog is to provide fresh insights from an unprecedented network of economic analysts from the Global North and the Global South (January).
  7. Visae Patentes: Falk Metzler is a computer scientist, European patent and trademark attorney, and partner of k/s/n/h (January).
  8. Importance of Language: Tips and challenges in learning languages for international business, study and more (February).
  9. Business Without Borders — An International Business Blog: Brought to you by Norris McLaughlin & Marcus, P.A. Attorneys at Law (March).
  10. Stumbling and Mumbling: Chris Dillow blogs on politics, economics, finance, and more from the UK (March).
  11. International Criminal CourtThe Conversation: A Conversis’ publication that rounds up the international business news they think could help you conduct your international business more effectively (March).
  12. Whirled View: If you want to stay on top of global political environments, Patricia Lee Sharpe has almost three decades’ diplomacy experience (March).
  13. One Luxury Travel: If you live a harried business life, why not travel in style? (April).
  14. Business and Corporate Disputes: Information and insight for business owners, corporate management, directors, officers, members, managers, and shareholders (May).
  15. Blog.C89.Net: A business blog that touches on all aspects of business development and finance (June).
  16. Business Travel: If you’re a constant business traveler, this blog may make your travels easier (June).
  17. Engaged in Global Trade: Arigo is the industry leading provider of visibility, intelligence, and collaboration tools for retailers and brand owners supporting sourcing and global trade management (June).
  18. Global Trade: This blog was announced in 2009, but did not make its debut until 2010. It is part of the Foreign Policy Networks (July).
  19. Adobe Globalization: Adobe informs readers about new globalization-relevant product features, tools and libraries (August).
  20. Windstream Business Blog: Windstream Communications provides high-speed broadband Internet, phone service and Digital TV packages to residential customers as for small, medium and large businesses, and government agencies (August).
  21. Random Samplings: The U.S. Census Bureau is on a roll this year — this blog, which centers on business ownership, statistics and economic data, began in September (September).

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