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If you’re interested in business, you’re sure to want to get advice from some of the world’s most knowledgeable executives. What you might not realize is that you can get regular updates and advice right on your phone or computer by using Twitter. Some of the world’s most famous executives and former executives tweet on a regular basis. Their insight is sure to help you as you pursue business in the global marketplace. Check out these 19 international business gurus that can be found on Twitter.

  1. Brian Tracy: Brian Tracy is an amazing business guru who became a VP of Sales at age 25. He is now a board member of Washington DC public policy institute The Heritage Foundation. Tracy is also the author of several books.
  2. Jim Rohn: Jim Rohn is an entrepreneur, who helps launch motivational speakers.
  3. Ken Blanchard: Blanchard is a management expert and entrepreneur. He owns a management training company and is the author of over 30 bestselling books on leadership.
  4. Jack Welsh:Jack Welch is the legendary former executive of GE. Welch is one of the most respected CEOs in history. He still sends out the occasional business nugget that is very worthwhile.
  5. Warren Buffett: Legendary CEO of Berkshire Hathaway and all around business guru and millionaire. Buffett gives investment advice and commentary on the markets and economy fairly regularly.
  6. Richard Branson: Branson is one of the world’s most notable executives and the Chairman of Virgin Group. He is an avid tweeter.
  7. George Soros: Soros is a legendary investor. His speculations are some of the most successful ever.
  8. Steve Jobs: Jobs is the CEO of Apple, and one of the most successful executives in the US today. Jobs is a regular on Twitter and often offers business and technology insights.
  9. Bill Gates: Microsoft’s founder and former CEO is one of the most followed executives on Twitter. He is one of the world’s richest men and one of the most prolific philanthropists through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Today, most of Gates’ tweets revolve around his charity work, but he does occasionally comment on technology and global business market, too.
  10. Lee Iacocca: The former CEO of Chrysler isn’t at the helm of the company anymore, but is still a recognized authority on business. Iacocca still regularly tweets about the auto industry and all the troubles it has seen in recent years.
  11. Michael Dell: Dell is the founder of Dell computers and one of the most successful business men of the past decade. Dell had stepped down as Dell CEO, but resumed his post earlier this year. Dell is one of the most charismatic, hard working and well liked CEOs in America.
  12. Meg Whitman: Whitman is CEO of Ebay who is now running for governor of California.
  13. Alan Greenspan: This former chairman of the Federal Reserve is also one of the country’s leading economists.
  14. Sheldon Adelson: This executive made his fortune in trade shows, but today is the Chief Executive at the Las Vegas Sands.
  15. Steve Ballmer: Ballmer is the CEO of Microsoft today. He talks regularly about goings on in the world of technology and about Microsoft’s newest products.
  16. Rich Barton: Barton founded Expedia and Zillow. His most recent venture is a company rating site called GlassDoor. The guy is an online genius, and plenty of people follow his every tweet.
  17. Guy Kawasaki: The cofounder of Alltop, and a former executive at Apple, Kawasaki is one of the most followed execs on Twitter. He is also one of the most active tweeters.
  18. Jonathan Schwartz: Schwartz is the CEO of Sun Microsystems.
  19. Evan Williams: Evans is the CEO of Twitter. You can bet lots of people are following him!

As you can see, some of the world’s most influential executives are right here on Twitter. Many of them are very active on the page and often share advice and insight with their followers. It’s truly amazing that so much knowledge about the business world can be found in such a simple, easy to use format like Twitter.

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