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A wide variety of topics exist under the umbrella of “international business,” including law, social media, small business, entrepreneurship and languages (as in translation). All these topics and more (such as humor) are covered in this list of the 50 best international business blogs established since January 2009. This list is divided into blogs created in 2009 and 2010, and each blog is listed by month of creation. (more…)

If you’re interested in business, you’re sure to want to get advice from some of the world’s most knowledgeable executives. What you might not realize is that you can get regular updates and advice right on your phone or computer by using Twitter. Some of the world’s most famous executives and former executives tweet on a regular basis. Their insight is sure to help you as you pursue business in the global marketplace. Check out these 19 international business gurus that can be found on Twitter.

  1. Brian Tracy: Brian Tracy is an amazing business guru who became a VP of Sales at age 25. He is now a board member of Washington DC public policy institute The Heritage Foundation. Tracy is also the author of several books.
  2. Jim Rohn: Jim Rohn is an entrepreneur, who helps launch motivational speakers.
  3. Ken Blanchard: Blanchard is a management expert and entrepreneur. He owns a management training company and is the author of over 30 bestselling books on leadership.
  4. Jack Welsh:Jack Welch is the legendary former executive of GE. Welch is one of the most respected CEOs in history. He still sends out the occasional business nugget that is very worthwhile.
  5. Warren Buffett: Legendary CEO of Berkshire Hathaway and all around business guru and millionaire. Buffett gives investment advice and commentary on the markets and economy fairly regularly.
  6. Richard Branson: Branson is one of the world’s most notable executives and the Chairman of Virgin Group. He is an avid tweeter.
  7. George Soros: Soros is a legendary investor. His speculations are some of the most successful ever.
  8. Steve Jobs: Jobs is the CEO of Apple, and one of the most successful executives in the US today. Jobs is a regular on Twitter and often offers business and technology insights.
  9. Bill Gates: Microsoft’s founder and former CEO is one of the most followed executives on Twitter. He is one of the world’s richest men and one of the most prolific philanthropists through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Today, most of Gates’ tweets revolve around his charity work, but he does occasionally comment on technology and global business market, too.
  10. Lee Iacocca: The former CEO of Chrysler isn’t at the helm of the company anymore, but is still a recognized authority on business. Iacocca still regularly tweets about the auto industry and all the troubles it has seen in recent years.
  11. Michael Dell: Dell is the founder of Dell computers and one of the most successful business men of the past decade. Dell had stepped down as Dell CEO, but resumed his post earlier this year. Dell is one of the most charismatic, hard working and well liked CEOs in America.
  12. Meg Whitman: Whitman is CEO of Ebay who is now running for governor of California.
  13. Alan Greenspan: This former chairman of the Federal Reserve is also one of the country’s leading economists.
  14. Sheldon Adelson: This executive made his fortune in trade shows, but today is the Chief Executive at the Las Vegas Sands.
  15. Steve Ballmer: Ballmer is the CEO of Microsoft today. He talks regularly about goings on in the world of technology and about Microsoft’s newest products.
  16. Rich Barton: Barton founded Expedia and Zillow. His most recent venture is a company rating site called GlassDoor. The guy is an online genius, and plenty of people follow his every tweet.
  17. Guy Kawasaki: The cofounder of Alltop, and a former executive at Apple, Kawasaki is one of the most followed execs on Twitter. He is also one of the most active tweeters.
  18. Jonathan Schwartz: Schwartz is the CEO of Sun Microsystems.
  19. Evan Williams: Evans is the CEO of Twitter. You can bet lots of people are following him!

As you can see, some of the world’s most influential executives are right here on Twitter. Many of them are very active on the page and often share advice and insight with their followers. It’s truly amazing that so much knowledge about the business world can be found in such a simple, easy to use format like Twitter.

International business is known to be collective commercial transactions whether it is private and governmental, sales, investments, logistics, and transportation and occurs between parties of two or many different countries. Or it refers to all the business activities which have cross border transactions of goods and resources. Below are mentioned some useful blogs as with respect to International Business.

  1. Global Edge: Developed by International Business Center at Michigan State University (IBC) it is global knowledge portal that connects international business professionals to share wealth of information, insights and learning resources on international business activities. It not only provides information on international business management moreover help in developing partnerships.
  2. Border Buster: This blog was started and promoted by the Global Small Business Blog (GSBB) and was founded by Laurel Delaney to help out entrepreneurs and small business executives to expand their business internationally and globally. The blog is published by Laurel Delaney who is a successful entrepreneur, author, speaker and educator having experience of 20 years in global business.
  3. The Private Sector Development Blog: This blog is about news, resources and ideas of the entrepreneurs in fighting poverty. This blog presents the views of blogers not the World Bank group. The blog focuses on the development in private sector and is published by the World Bank Group’s Rapid Response knowledge service that specializes in policy advice on business environment reform and privatization policy in developing countries.
  4. Harvard Business Blog: This blog is published by Harvard University since 1994 as a non profit organization and activity. This blog aims to improve practice of management and having its impact on surrounding changing world.
  5. Business Opportunities Blog: The Business Opportunities Blog (BOB) is published by the Dynamis team as to keep one aware of and help one to make out the best and most of the available business opportunities. Here ideas and thoughts are given for starting a business locally and internationally and handling various problems that a person faces while doing a business.
  6. Customs and International Trade Law Blog: This blog about international trade practices and law is published by Peter Quinter who is the Chair of the Customs and International Trade Department and is Board Certified as an expert in International Law by the Florida Bar. He specializes in providing advice and representations to person and companies included in supply chain, like importers, exporters, custom brokers and freight forwarders.
  7. Trade Lawyers Blog: This blog is forum for popular and known respected international trade lawyers from around the world as they share their information about international trade developments. This blog is run by Cyndee Todgham Cherniak and Su Kohn Ross the known experts on International trade and business.

An international business manager can be understood from a person who manages the work of others for running a business, internationally. He should apart of knowledge of international business law should be well versed with areas like sales, marketing, and public relations; research, operations analysis, data processing, mathematics, etc at international level. For a better knowledge of the field of international business one can go through following links.

  1. ICMR India: This website focuses on various areas related to business research, case study development and courseware preparation. It has developed textbooks and workbooks nearly over 40 topics of management and has one of the largest collections of case studies. It is also into production of monthly magazines and journals with in-depth study of articles on contemporary business issues.
  2. BusManagement: It is the part of GDS publishing that is into publication of industrial and business management journals for world’s most exciting business markets like Asia Pacific, CIS, China, Eastern Europe and North America. Apart from publication and websites, it is also into events related to finance, health care, IT service management, Telecoms and Oil & Gas Summit for the Asia Pacific, Africa, China, Europe, North America and Russia. In online sector we produce B2B business magazine for selected industries and areas.
  3. Goliath: It is a Gale Group online business content service that provides global companies with industry intelligence to its business executives. It provides immediate access to nearly more than three million records involving business articles, industry reports, and company profiles. It caters to a good number of business needs like starting a company, researching already existing company and getting the recent business news. It is based at Farmington Hills, Michigan and has branch offices at UK, Australia, Germany, Switzerland and Malaysia.
  4. EMESAP: It is known for producing business to business conferences, trainings and workshops on contemporary research, market trends and challenges, technological advancements and applications. It invites business practitioners to share insights, expertise and solutions to business challenges and share cutting edge information to attendees for their use and implication.
  5. KMResource: This is resource for helpful business periodical and journals as a manner to invite people to donate their intellectual capital to the company by reading from it keep on revisiting and reworking for decision making, creating a team and employee loyalty.
  6. Business.Higbeam: This website is very helpful for having private and public company profiles of small as well as big industries. It also provides in-depth studies and reports on industries from agriculture to public administration. From the website one can have credible market research statistics, trend and analysis.  More one can have credible business news and articles from trusted journals, newspapers, news wires and magazines.
  7. Business Week:  It is the global knowledge center for necessary business insight which inspires business leaders and entrepreneurs to take action and get into newer areas to venture. Through its content, context and collaboration Bloomberg Business Week helps in molding business opinion. It has 4.7 million readers each week in 140 countries.  It also has local language editions too.

Online masters degree in international business helps to develop the abilities of younger entrepreneurs to be able to meet the growing demand in the global economy today. This program enables the trainee to have the ability to tackle any challenge that the current international business arena may throw. Through the use of online masters in international business, the trainee is able to acquire the skill whereby he or she is able to concentrate on a strategic plan to carry out international operations. Online masters is able to equip the trainee with in depth understand of the current international market and what actions that need to be undertaken in order to achieve a certain goal or target.

People who undertake online masters in international business have an added advantage over the people who have not due to the fact the online masters in international business is able to provide the knowledge and skills required in the advancing of their business. The advance knowledge the students receive helps them in analyzing the international market, marketing their business products to the international market and also helps them manage their finances in the best possible manner.

Online masters degree in international business enables the student pass careers such as annalist for big corporate companies and also investors in the international stock market or the global stock market. Careers such as corporate executives are also formed for the skills and information acquired when in the online masters in international business. Therefore, in order to get good careers or to become a good entrepreneur, you need to be with online masters in international business.

Students who undergo online masters are good in time management which is an essential tool for any kind of a business. This is because time management in any business affects the smooth running of operation in the business which in turn affects the profit to be received by the firm. Therefore online masters are ideal as you are well equipped with time management skills.

In online masters in international business, the benefits are relatively high as the knowledge impacted onto the students is guaranteed to help them develop their business to great length. Also, the knowledge gained helps the students to handle any kind of challenge that would face the business; also the student is able to solve the problem with relative ease. Therefore online masters in international business are the best in their field.